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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Pune Mahanagar Palika Elections 2019 Administration of Pune Mahanagar Palika

Pune Municipal Corporation

Are you searching for the latest information about Pune Municipal Corporationthen follow this article which is especially written to provide you all the information regarding the corporation election, its administration, major projects, contact information, etc.

About Pune Municipal Corporation

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is also known as Pune Mahanagar Palika in the local language and it was established on 15th February 1950. The main purpose of its establishment is to provide services to needy citizens and also to develop infrastructure of the city.
To provide better services to its citizens Pune Municipal Corporation stepped forward and taken an initiative to start e-Governance. This idea is well-appreciated by a few big corporations like “Persistent Systems” and are providing their services to develop E-Governance system.E-Governance is a plan started by the Government of India to assist its citizens via information and communication technology (ICT).

 Administration of Pune Mahanagar Palika

As mentioned earlier Pune Municipal Corporation is responsible for all the developments in the city and to serve its locals. PMC is a government organization whose administration comprises of different officers who perform their assigned duties. The executive power of the corporation is in the hands of Municipal Commissioner, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer appointed by the Maharashtra State Government.

The corporation is headed by a Mayor and his executive powers are second to Municipal Commissioner. The Mayor is elected through elections and is generally the leader of ruling party. He is the representative and ambassador of the city.
The city of Pune is divided into 48 municipal wards each of them is represented by 3 members and headed by an Assistant Municipal Commissioner. The collectors are the representatives of the Central Government and are appointed to have property records and collect the revenue generated. It is their responsibility to conduct an election within the city. The Pune Police is headed by a Police Commissioner, an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and this department come under the authority of State Home Ministry. 
Major representatives of Pune city are mentioned in the following table:

Appointment Date
Mukta Tilak
March 2017
Municipal Commissioner
Shri Kunal Kumar
August 2014
Dy. Mayor
Navnath Kamble
March 2017
Leader of the House
Shrinath Bhimale
March 2017
Commissioner of Police
Smt. Rashmi Shukla
April 2016

Pune Mahanagar Palika Elections 2017 Result

The elections of Pune Municipal Corporation were held in 2017 and BJP showed complete dominance in the respective elections and appointed their member as Mayor for the first time.Some of the stats about the elections 2017 are shown in the following table:

Party Name
Number of Corporators
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)
Shiv Sena (SS)
Indian National Congress (INC)
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS)
All India Majlis-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM)

Extension Plans of Pune Municipal Corporation

The corporation is planning to take control of 19 new villages and after this the total area of Pune Mahanagar Palika will increase from 430 km2 to 552 km2. This extension will make Pune Municipal Corporation the biggest corporation in the state as per area. The list of 19 villages is comprised of:
1)      Mhalunge
2)      Sus
3)      Bavdhan
4)      Kirkatwadi
5)      Pisoli
6)      Lohegaon
7)      Dhavade Kopare
8)      Kondhwa Dhavade
9)      Nanded
11)  Shivane
12)  Hadapsar
13)  Mundwa (Keshavnagar)
14)  Manjari
15)  Narhe
16)  Ambegaon
17)  Dhayari
18)  Uruli Kanchan 
19)  Phursungi
Departments of Pune Mahanagar Palika

Some of the major departments of Pune Mahanagar Palika are listed below:
1)      Bhavan Rachna Department
2)      Building Department
3)      Central Store Department
4)      Chief Accounts and Finance Office
5)      City Census Department
6)      Cultural Centers
7)      Disaster Management Cell
8)      Drainage Department
9)      Election Department
10)   Electrical Department
11)   Environment Department
12)   Estate and Management Department
13)   Health Department
14)   Information Technology Department
15)   Labour Welfare Department
16)   Security Department
17)   Service Recruitment Examination and Control Department
18)   Social Welfare Department
19)  Solid Waste Management
20)   Sports Department
21)   Tree Authority Solid Waste Management
22)   Water Supply and Pumping Department

Online Services of Pune Mahanagar Palika

As mentioned above Pune Municipal Corporation stepped forward to provide online services to its citizens, a plan which is known as E-Governance. Some of these online services are listed below:
1)      Birth Certificate
2)      Death Certificate
3)      Marriage Certificate
4)      Plinth Checking
5)      Fire Noc
6)      Raise Complaints
7)      Pay Property Tax
8)      Property Tax Bank Collection
9)      Building Registration
10)   Contractor Registration
11)   Online Tenders
12)   Online Ticketing of Rajiv Gandhi Zoo
13)   Online Bill Payment
14)   Register your Pet Dog

Pune Smart City Project

Pune Smart is a great initiative by the Pune Government to develop infrastructure, provide houses to needy ones, environment cleaning, etc. A short detail of all the programs is given below:

·        Physical Infrastructure

This feature includes the implementation of newer technologies, reconstruction of existing infrastructure, and the development of transportation and water sector.

·        Affordable Housing

A house is one of the basic needs of a person and it is the duty of Government to provide shelter to poor citizens because they play a vital role in nurturing the city economy. Also, they pay local taxes for goods and services purchased in the city. Hence under the affordable housing scheme, 20,000 houses will be built in next 10 years.

·        Customer Care

The proposed idea of this program is to connect with the citizens and to provide a platform where they can register their grievances, enquiries, billing information and payment, etc.

·        River Water Cleaning

The city of Pune is situated on the junction of river Mula, Mutha & Mula-Mutha. Due to poor drainage system domestic and industrial waste water causes pollution of river water. So, this program is especially designed to supply clean water to its citizens by reducing water pollution.

·        Startup Zone

Pune Municipal Corporation is trying its best to shift towards friendly policies which are healthy for business. The need of this program is to nurture technical talent available in the city as well as opportunities to a young population to maximize their skill level.

Pune Municipal Corporation Portal

The main features of PMC portal are listed below:
·         The headline of this portal is that it is presented the whole Pune city. It explains the qualities like the city is colorful, vibrant and visitor friendly.
·         The website allows citizens to login and register themselves so they remain in touch with all the latest news and receive updates and notifications.
·         Citizens can view images and videos, amongst a host of other content, to find out about the city, its administration, and residents.
·         Citizens can take part in opinion polls and view results for these opinion polls.
·         Citizens can also view and apply for open job positions within the PMC.
·         Publicly available information on GRs, taxes and government policy, maps, detailed project reports, and government process forms and circulars can also be downloaded from the site.
·         On PMC portal you can also find brief information about all the departments, their working and also the contacts of department representatives.
·         Users can also schedule their meetings and send an invitation to specific user groups, PMC employees, or members of general public.

Contact Information of Pune Municipal Corporation

There are a number of channels through which you can connect with all the latest news about Pune Mahanagar Palika. All these channels provide easiness to the citizens of Pune to remain in touch with the latest developments happening around.

Pune Connect

Pune Connect is an application for smartphone users and it is available for Android on Google Play and for iPhone on iOS. The main features of this app are given below:
·         Lodge your complaint at any time and check its status as well.
·         Call emergency numbers and Pune Municipal Corporation PMC straight from the app.
·         Check contact details of PMC officials and elected representatives.
·         View the map of Pune Mahanagar Palika.
·         Link to the social media channels of PMC.
·         Just 3 clicks and your property tax payment will be done.

Social Media Cell

As social media is a popular platform to share news and a lot of people are following Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus so, Pune Municipal Corporation provides a social media platform to its citizens for submitting their feedbacks and suggestions. Social media channels are monitored by Feedback Management Cell to respond to citizen’s queries and grievances in an effective manner.

·         Facebook and Google +
For Facebook and Google + users submit your complaints by using “/pmcfmc.
·         Twitter
If you want to submit your suggestions through Twitter then tweet “@pmcpune”.
·         SMS and WhatsApp

PMC also provides messaging facility via SMS or WhatsApp. The advantage of this facility is that you can submit your queries at any time and it is a quick and convenient service. Just send your message at “+91- 9689900002”.

Call Center
Citizens can also contact Pune Municipal Corporation by using the facility of a call center. This facility provides an easier way to communicate with PMC and citizens can register their complaints. This system minimizes the citizen's effort and increases transparency with every step. For any further enquiries use the call-center toll free number “18001030222 (7 AM – 11 PM)”.

·         Web application Link:
·         Mobile App: 


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