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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2019 [Candidate Voter List]

Malegaon is one of the famous city or taluka located on National Highway Number 03 i.e. Mumbai - Agra national highway.   The Malegaon city is located in between Dhule and Nashik districts of Maharashtra through which national high number 03 cross.  Malegaon is in Nashik district of Maharashtra state of India and Malegaon has Municipal corporation as local government.   You can read more about Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2017, Malegaon Municipal corporation recruitment 2017, Malegaon municipal corporation website details.  

Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2017:   If you are looking for the details of Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2017 then here are the information for your search. In order to get the appropriate information please scroll down.   You can find the information about Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2017 Voter list, Malegaon municipal corporation candidate list, Malegaon mahanagarpalika election ward wise list, election candidates name party wise, number of election voting centers and other necessary details which is about Malegaon mahanagarpalika.   You can also check the final election results of MMC - Malegaon Municipal corporation on the official website of MMC or Election commission of Maharashtra.

Malegaon is in Maharashtra state, thus the election of Municipal corporation is linked to the election commission of Maharashtra state for Maharashtra Municipal corporations or Maharashtra Mahanagarpalika.

For more information about election commission of Maharashtra you can refer official website of Election Commission of Maharashtra and you can check our website on Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra for the other details of Municipal Corporation in India.

मालेगाव महानगरपालिका, मालेगाव Malegaon Municipal Corporation, Malegaon

In order to give and get more information on Malegaon Mahanagarpalika, we have created following useful keywords list to know how and what you can search to find relevant information about Malegaon Mahanagarpalika elections.

Maharashtra Municipal Corporation held all municipal corporation election through election commission of Maharashtra state committee. Read :  Maharashtra Mahanagarpalika or Municipal corporation election 2017.

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Malegaon Municipal Corporation Website @

If you want to get authenticate information about Malegaon Mahanagarpalika election for year 2017, then you should check official website of Malegaon municipal corporation.  The official website of Malegaon Mahanagarpalika is

Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election Date 2019

The last municipal corporation election of Malegaon was held in 2012 year.  Next municipal corporation local government election to elect 21 ward wise civic in malegaon city, 2017 year new election held to election new civic in the city as there are total 21 wards in Malegaon city municipal corporation.

Malegaon Municipal Corporation election details 2017 are given below - 
It was declared by the state election commission that the Polling schedule of Malegaon Civic bodies will be issued on Wednesday evening.

It is also declared about the polling day which is fixed on 24th may And counting of votes which is fixed on 26th May.

MMC - Malegaon Corporation Ward Rachna

It was declared that total of 3,91,320 voters will exercise their Democratic rights to elect as many as 84 corporators in 21 wards of Malegaon Municipal Corporation (MMC) election which is organized to be held at any time in the upcoming two months.

Malegaon Election 2019

सार्वत्रिक निवडणुक - २०१७ General Election - 2019

Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2019/Malegaon Corporation Election 2017

It is being observed that it is the 1st time in Malegaon when elections will be held accordingly with Panvel. The elections which was held in 2012 on 15th April. So it is common that the elections which will be held in 2017 will also be held on April. The final voter list which was issued by the commissioner Ravindra S Jagtap on Tuesday. It is given that the ward number 19 will have a maximum number of 24,758 voters where 391,320 would caste their vote in Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2017, out of which 206,130 are men and 185,189 are women.

MMC - Malegaon Municipal Corporation Voter List

When election held in Municipal corporation, there would be maximum searches on the keyword of Malegaon Municipal corporation voter list.   For your information, the voter list can be available on Malegaon Municipal corporation official website which is mentioned above.
If you want to download municipal corporation of malegaon voter list, then we have given step by step information on how to download candidate, voters list ward wise.

Download the Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2017 voter list here---

निवडणुक अधिसूचना (मराठी) Election Notification (English), वार्ड क्रमांक (Ward Number) अंतीम मतदार यादी, (Final Voter List) बुथवाइज मतदार यादी (Booth Wise Voter List) वार्डवाइज अंतिम नकाशा (Ward Wise Final Map)

In order to download the voter list of MMC kindly follow the steps given below—

Firstly, you need to go to
Secondly, click on the electoral roll PDF option.
Thirdly, you need to select your respective district name/ AC name / part number.
And finally you can download the voter list of your ward.

Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2019 Candidates

Likewise voter list, there are many searches for candidate list while election take place, as new candidates are also applied for the post of civic election and party wise election candidate list can be available before the election schedules.  There are certain rules and regulations which you need to follow while application form submission in civic elections such as eligibility, reservations and other factors which can be printed in the election notifications.

Malegaon Election Dates of Civil Polls 2019

The Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2017 civil polls are to be held on May/June 2017. It has been issued by the MMC the schedule for MMC Polls 2017.

Malegaon Election 2017 Ward Wise Candidates Winners Final Results 2019

We'll update the following 21 Ward wise election results which will be final after elections and final results can be also available on the election commission official website as well as on the official website of Malegaon Municipal corporation.

       Ward Number     = > { Winning Candidate name }

वार्ड क्र.१ Ward No. 01  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.२ Ward No. 02  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.३ Ward No. 03  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.४ Ward No. 04  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.५ Ward No. 05  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.६ Ward No. 06  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.७ Ward No. 07  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.८ Ward No. 08  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.९ Ward No. 09  = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१० Ward No. 10 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.११ Ward No. 11 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१२ Ward No. 12 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१३ Ward No. 13 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१४ Ward No. 14 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१५ Ward No. 15 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१६ Ward No. 16 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१७ Ward No. 17 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१८ Ward No. 18 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.१९ Ward No. 19 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.२० Ward No. 20 = >{  Winning Candidates name }
वार्ड क्र.२१ Ward No. 21 = >{  Winning Candidates name }

So, these were some information regarding the Malegaon Municipal Corporation Election 2017 which includes the civic polls, voter list, election details etc. Please comment for any further information regarding this topic.


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